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The Cow in Apple Time
By: Robert Frost

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Something inspires the only cow of late
To make no more of a wall than an open gate,
And think no more of wall-builders than fools.
Her face is flecked with pomace and she drools
A cider syrup. Having tasted fruit,
She scorns a pasture withering to the root.
She runs from tree to tree where lie and sweeten.
The windfalls spiked with stubble and worm-eaten.
She leaves them bitten when she has to fly.
She bellows on a knoll against the sky.
Her udder shrivels and the milk goes dry.

             Feminist Theory Considers how portrayal of female characters reinforces or undermines sexual stereotypes.

            This poem represents a negative attitude towards woman in my mind because it is constantly referring to the cow as a “She”. Cows can be male or female, but this poem was written to express the cow as a female who escapes and goes on an apple eating adventure. Also by calling the cow a she it gives the cow a human like quality, making use of the personification technique we discussed in class. While not negative in its entirety, this poem chose to gender identify the cow as a female instead of just a cow.

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