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Hyla Brook
By: Robert Frost


By June our brook's run out of song and speed.
Sought for much after that, it will be found
Either to have gone groping underground
(And taken with it all the Hyla breed
That shouted in the mist a month ago,
Like ghost of sleigh-bells in a ghost of snow)--
Or flourished and come up in jewel-weed,
Weak foliage that is blown upon and bent
Even against the way its waters went.
Its bed is left a faded paper sheet
Of dead leaves stuck together by the heat--
A brook to none but who remember long.
This as it will be seen is other far
Than with brooks taken otherwhere in song.
We love the things we love for what they are.

        The worst poem written by Robert Frost in my opinion would have to be “Hyla Brook” which was a poem he wrote for his book known as “Mountain Interval” published in 1916. This poem didn’t make any sense to me and I still have a very hard time understanding what it is talking about. It makes good use of Similes, like in the sixth line “Like ghost of sleigh-bells in a ghost of snow” and also Assonance at the end of the 10th and 11th lines when it rhymes sheet and heat. Although it incorporates these poetic terms into its lines, they do little to help establish an underlying meaning or understanding that readily stands out.

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